Cookies in Charleston

If you had to choose your favorite type of cookie to snack on, what would it be? When it comes to cookies, I’m not that picky. On a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, I knew at least two things. One, the food was going to be good, and two, I can’t resist a good batch of cookies. From a previous visit to Savannah, Georgia, I was introduced to Byrd’s Famous Cookies. Small in size, but big in stature, once you start eating, you wind up eating more and more. I loved the fact that Byrd’s had a sample bar, where you can munch on a multitude of flavors.

If you ever find yourself south of the Mason-Dixon line, make sure you visit Byrd’s. Now I have to see if my box of cookies will make it through TSA at the airport.

-So what’s your guilty pleasure cookie?

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Grooming: Scotch Porter

Groom Prep

Who gets ready at the last minute? Last Friday, a client of mine asks me to help a friend of his out of a jam. An hour later, I find out his friend is getting married on Saturday and forgets his shirt and bowtie back home in Virginia. Needless to say, I found the right fitting shirt and bowtie and he’s a happy camper.

And you thought all the groom had to do was show up! This situation reminded me of how I prepped for my day. Unless I woke up thinking I was Denzel, I couldn’t just roll out of bed and go get married. When your big day rolls around, be smart, and use a checklist. My list was not too complicated.

1. Pack your clothes early

2. Pack grooming products in Dopp kit

3. Get shirt pressed day of event

4. Make sure you have the rings

5. Your “best man” is your backup reminder

Tuxedo: The Black Tux | Shirt: HUGO BOSS | Grooming: Scotch Porter|

Shoes: Ferragamo | Sneakers: Converse | Bowtie: HUGO BOSS | Timepiece: Burberry

Say Yes to the Tux

What do you want to wear for your wedding? Looking back on my wedding day, all I could think about is how good a salesman I am. I convinced her to go out with me, she said “yes”, when I proposed, and now get hitched in front of God, family & friends.

If you haven’t seen the show “Say Yes to the Dress”, brides to be, try on an eternity of dresses and then scream out the shows tagline. I didn’t go that far. As we changed our venue from outdoors to indoors, I had an option of wearing a suit or tuxedo. With the amount of black tie events I would attend this year, I chose to rent rather than buy. I decided to visit The Black Tux in NYC to see what fabrics & options to choose from.

The Black Tux allows you to either enter your measurements on its website, or visit one of their fit specialists in showrooms. What I loved about this rental experience, was the a la carte way of ordering. My options ranged from the entire outfit, to the individual pieces, such as bow ties, shirts, stud sets. Since I only needed a tuxedo, I chose the navy peak lapel tuxedo, as I didn’t want to wear something traditional. When it’s time for your big day, whether you buy or rent, do your research, and enjoy the moment.

Tuxedo: The Black Tux

Shirt, bow tie, pocket square: HUGO BOSS

Timepiece: Burberry

Sneakers: Converse Jack Purcell

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The “Pur Suit” of style


Who said that New York, LA, Boston, and Miami, were the only American cities showing guys how to dress.  From “pop up” shop concept, to brick and mortar business, “Pur-Suit” is becoming the place for the next generation to look their best.

Don’t miss this


Designers ShermanPreston & model Alexander

Designers ShermanPreston & model Alexander

Earlier this week, I attended an event featuring the work from designers ShermanPreston.  From childhood friends to business partners, Sherman Joseph and Preston Williams bring their love for fashion back to their hometown of NY.  Speaking with both Sherman and Preston, they both agree that creating clothes with a modern silhouette gives their customers the best fit.

guests attending ShermanPreston event

guests attending ShermanPreston event


The turn out from friends, and other bloggers expressed a great interest in the ShermanPreston brand, and its evolution.  For the metropolitan young businessman, looking to create his own legacy, and display some American bravado, ShermanPreston may be the brand you invest in for yourself. For more info visit


Special thanks to Milagro Tequila and Prominence Marketing for a great event.



What do I wear?

Speaking to a few readers, a common question asked, is what do I wear?  I’m not a suit and tie guy, what do I wear to the office?  I’m on the road everyday, what do I wear throughout the week?  First thing you have to do, is say to yourself “who am I working for?”, “what type of people will I interact with today?”

If you  can wear denim or chinos to the office, dress it up.  It’s easier for you to dress down your look once you are dressed up, and to do that,simply add a blazer.  At your discretion, you can add a tie or pocket square. Remember, the accessories will jazz up your look.


If you have to wear a suit, make sure the tailoring is done to your specifications.  Don’t mis-represent yourself by having your trousers too long, or shirt extra baggy.  For the average guy who probably doesn’t have suits for different seasons, stick to the basics.  You should own “The BIG 3”, a black, navy, and grey suit.  With those three as your main suits, you can add your own style with different shirt and tie combinations.


Don’t make getting ready in the morning a chore, be confident, dress to impress, and keep it simple.  How do you or your significant other get ready for work?