Save your sole


Every guy has that one pair of shoes that they love and wear until the sole falls apart. The problem with that, is you end up throwing them away and breaking in a new pair that just didn’t give you that “ahhh” factor. Enter “Greenwich Vintage Co.” Cobblers that know how to respect your shoes, and give them new life.

Zen and Max from Greenwich Vintage Co

Zen and Max from Greenwich Vintage Co

At PROJECTNYC this week I met with the master cobbler Zen, when he described his love for shoes, and how he gives his customers a unique experience, I was ready to re-craft my shoes.  Based out of Minneapolis, Minn. Zen can take your brogues, and transform them with any colored sole or design of sole of your choosing.


Zen and Max just received the “Best Dressed” award from the Project Blogger team, so not only does the team at Greenwich Vintage look good, but they do great work as well.

For for info on how you can extend the life of your shoes visit