Got Sweaters?

Warm w/ style
I must admit, I’m not a fan of cold weather, but once I feel a chill in the air, it’s time to layer up.  Before snowflakes fall from the sky, and you have to wear those big bubble jackets, consider walking out of the house wearing one of these, or something similar.



Collective pieces


Whenever I’m in the J Crew store in Paramus, NJ, the stylist’s that work there always look sharp.  If the J Crew brand fits you or the guy in your life, and you like this look, check out these pieces.

  • Thomas Mason dress shirt $145 item# 31697
  • Whale tie clip $45 item# 99722
  • Polka dot tie $75 item# 40161
  • Wallace & Barnes covert fishtail trouser $138 item# 03164
  • Drake suspenders $70 item# 38515

New J Crew


The visual team at J Crew does an amazing job of telling there vision for Spring 13′.  Click on the pic for more info on the Ludlow suit and available colors.

Women shopping for men


In the real world most men don’t take the time to shop for themselves. Either to busy working or scared to buy the right size and colors, their significant other is their personal stylist. Lets face it, women spend more time at malls and boutiques then men, so they see first hand the latest shirts or suits that their man isn’t wearing.

J’s Crew


my salesman Diego

my salesman Diego


black velvet blazer

black velvet blazer


Not your dad’s denim


Everywhere I go, I’m seeing colored denim. Looks like my dark wash and faded blue denim have to take a back seat to a the new Skittles range of denim.