NYC- Botanical Gardens

When most people think of NYC, usually the images of the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, and Central Park come to mind.  With Spring finally arriving, and a quick ride on the Bronx River Pkwy, we decided to explore the Botanical Gardens.  If you are a native New Yorker, and have only been to the Bronx to see the Yankees, you are missing out.


Outfit: Sunglasses – Persol, Shirt -Express, Jeans – Buffalo, Timepiece – Hugo Boss, Sneakers – Converse

I may not be a horticulturist, but I can appreciate lush landscapes, trees as tall as buildings and older than 100 years old.  If you decide to visit, the Mertz Library is a great place to explore, and will bring out the botanist in you.  The 250 acres of trees and flowers can be used to educate kids, and celebrate unions as they have locations on the grounds for weddings or parties.  During our visit, we stumbled upon a wine tasting.   It’s not a wine tasting in NYC, if there isn’t a long line. Luckily there were multiple vendors to keep the public happy, and a band to entertain.

Although NYC is home to many attractions, we should not forget about the local flavor that makes NYC what it is.  No matter where you live, there has to be a museum or a park that can distract you from your technology.  What plans do you have for your weekend?

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Viva Mexico




One of the best things about an early morning flight out of JFK International Airport is watching the sun rise. Everyone should travel if they have the opportunity, it’s a great experience.  I could think of worst places to be, but if I’m going to work, Playa del Carmen in Mexico isn’t a bad place to work.

My group stayed at the Fairmont Mayakoba, a resort with 240 acres of tropical forest and a fantastic beach.  Although working most of my stay, we did get to enjoy the restaurants, poolside service, and complimentary bikes to ride the numerous trails.

With my mid winter excursion done, it’s back to NYC for a snowstorm. Like Arnold said in the Terminator “I’ll be back”.

Wardrobe: HUGO BOSS

Sunglasses: Persol

Timepiece: HUGO BOSS

Grooming: Solo Noir

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Hello 2016



Tuxedo jacket, trousers, shirt, bowtie, shoes by HUGO BOSS

Timepiece by BURBERRY

Eyewear by SALT Optics


Whether you want to celebrate the end of the year, or beginning of a new one, everyone loves a good party.  Since every lounge or restaurant was having an event to usher in the New Year, we settled on Tosca Marquee in the Bronx.

As a newly engaged couple, my fiancé should always get top billing, so I chose to wear all black except for my socks.   She wore a great dress that was silver one minute, then when I touched it, turned black.  Love how most of the night she’s in black heels, then turns around to wear silver flats.  Guys don’t have that luxury.

No matter who you enjoyed your New Year with, hope you looked good and had fun.

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2016 or bust

Did you enjoy 2015?  As the second hand on my watch keeps moving, 2016 gets closer and closer.  How will you prepare yourself to be better than you already are?  

 People will usher in another year in their own way, some stay home, some go to church, many will attend parties with friends, loved ones, & complete strangers.  As we all look back on 2015, who hasn’t had a roller coaster of a year.  I’ve met some amazing people, travelled, eaten exotic foods, lost a mentor, and got engaged to my best friend.

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What are you excited for in 2016?

Screaming Suit Jacket

Day in, and day out I see tragedies happening and guys don’t even know it.  The average businessman, wakes up, puts on his  over dry cleaned shirt with extra starch, then his suit or blazer and trousers.  Either riding the “iron horse” into Manhattan or riding in bumper to bumper traffic, a high percentage of guys wear their suit jackets like this guy.

Businessman in car, close up

Why “Oh” Why do we do this. 

We all have seen that guy that walks into the office with wrinkles all across his back.  Now wool is pretty resilient, and will bounce back, but like cars, not all suit jackets are made the same.  Who likes to look like they slept in their clothes?  The answer is no one.  Do your jacket a favor, hang it up in the back seat, or just take it off when sitting down for long periods of time.

The only guy allowed to wear his jacket on his way to work is this guy….

photo credit:

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Unlike most people, I like the Fall, it’s a great season, where it’s not too hot, and not too cold.  It’s also a great time to transition  your wardrobe from shorts and tank tops, to corduroy, flannel, sweaters, and outerwear.  Over the next few months, I will share with you the “must have” items, videos from myself and brands that I love, events in or around NYC, and other topics to help guys and the ladies to help their guys enjoy life.


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Be Yourself

Whether at the office or a party, “Wear your Gear” with confidence and let the crowd recognize your swagger.