Groom Prep

Who gets ready at the last minute? Last Friday, a client of mine asks me to help a friend of his out of a jam. An hour later, I find out his friend is getting married on Saturday and forgets his shirt and bowtie back home in Virginia. Needless to say, I found the right fitting shirt and bowtie and he’s a happy camper.

And you thought all the groom had to do was show up! This situation reminded me of how I prepped for my day. Unless I woke up thinking I was Denzel, I couldn’t just roll out of bed and go get married. When your big day rolls around, be smart, and use a checklist. My list was not too complicated.

1. Pack your clothes early

2. Pack grooming products in Dopp kit

3. Get shirt pressed day of event

4. Make sure you have the rings

5. Your “best man” is your backup reminder

Tuxedo: The Black Tux | Shirt: HUGO BOSS | Grooming: Scotch Porter|

Shoes: Ferragamo | Sneakers: Converse | Bowtie: HUGO BOSS | Timepiece: Burberry

Renew You

How often do you take time to slow down? Life comes at you pretty fast, whether it’s school, work, or relationships, your mind & body need a chance to recharge. Gentlemen, going to a spa, isn’t just for the ladies.

Eden Day Spa, located in Soho, NY is a full service spa, with a variety of treatments. From a deep tissue massage, to a body scrub, any of their packages will put you to sleep and have you feeling brand new. As a couple, my wife and I love spending time with each other, and finding that zen like atmosphere at Eden Day Spa, re-calibrates our senses.

Like most guys, I relax by hitting the gym. Mix in some cardio, stretch and lift weights. If you are like most guys, and follow a similar routine, I recommend you squeeze in a massage therapy session, when you can. No clue on where to go, use the resources around you, websites like Yelp or SpaFinder can give you options in your area.

Shirt, shoes, & timepiece: HUGO BOSS

Jeans: AG

Belt: Allen Edmonds

Sunglasses: Persol

Grooming: Scotch Porter

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What’s touching your face?

Today is June 9th, and as you look forward to July 4th weekend, lets not forget that Father’s Day is right around the corner.  With a week to go, sons, daughters, and wives are scrambling with ideas on what to get the dad in their life.  To ease your stress, over the next few days, we will share a few suggestions that are sure to make this holiday easier for you.

Skincare line from Solo Noir

skin care by Solo Noir

With the business of mens skin care booming, and so many choices, is there a brand that men of color should use?  Solo Noir, sold online and stores such as Whole Foods was created by entrepreneur Andrea Polk.  After trying the samples, I love a non-alcoholic product that doesn’t burn my face, and has a clean fragrance to it.

The “REFINED” product was great, as I used it to exfoliate my skin, remove a few blackheads, and minimize my in-grown hairs. Like most men who have grown their beard over the winter, the “SMOOTH” product softened my skin and beard.  Any product I can use to prevent coarse facial hair, other men with beards will love as well.

Lexington Collection razor

Lexington Collection razor

How many times has your father nicked and cut his face shaving.  Most likely he’s rushing to get to work, and what guy wants a clean shaven face with spots of blood on his shirt collar.  The Art of Shaving has answered the question of “how do I prevent nicks and cuts?” The Lexington Collection razor is our next generation tool that uses a Flexball which connects the blade to the body of the shaver.  When most men shave from ear to jaw line, the razor is adjusted several times to go underneath the jaw.  With the Flexball, there is no need to adjust the razor, as it conforms to the contour of your face.  The more contact surface the razor has, the more efficient, and cleaner of a shave your father or man in your life will have.

Esquire-Sharp Man


The weekend has come and gone,  Esquire & Esquire Network decided to have a pop-up event in NYC.  The atmosphere at 82 Mercer in SoHo featured menswear & lifestyle brands you know, and a few that you will soon discover.  If you’re that guy who wants a customized pair of shoes, or the latest in mens accessories such as overnight bags, to lapel pins, or pocket squares, this was the place to be.


hook & ALBERT

Once the new kids on the block of mens accessories, co-CEO’s Adam Schoenberg & Cory Rosenberg of hook + ALBERT are taking their game to new heights.  Through a collaboration with Cole Haan, you can give your penny loafers some life with a pair of colored tassels.  I love the lapel flowers, and socks, but I was blown away by their latest product, “THE GARMENT WEEKENDER”.  Available in leather and waxed canvas, packing a suit and a few basic essentials, never seemed easier.


Two of the sponsors for this event HARRY’Sand BIRCHBOX were on hand to educate guys on skin care, and offer free haircuts to new and existing customers.  Before reading this, you most likely went to your local CVS or department store to buy razors, shaving cream, or skin care products.  By subscribing to BIRCHBOX, you will receive hand picked samples, that when used correctly will upgrade your look.  Harry’s, takes your average shaving experience to new heights with a product line consisting of blades, custom handles, and shaving cream.  Go against the grain for once, and don’t nick yourself!

Save your face

So the week of the polar vortex has come and gone, and your skin took a beating.  The products I’ve used to protect my skin from the harsh elements has been the Facial Fuel line by Kiehl’s.  Now the trick to keeping your skin in the shape that you want it, is that you need to be consistent with using the product.

Kiehl's Men's Starter Kit

Kiehl’s Men’s Starter Kit

Most men know when their skin feels oily, or grimy.  In the past guys might have just washed their face with soap and water, and felt like their skin is now clean.  Welcome to 2014, and the product line from Clarisonic.  Most guys may think they are to macho to buy this, but trust me, it’s a great investment.  Clarisonic has different models and colors, but if you want a basic black color, the ARIA model is the one for you.

Aria model Clarisonic cleanser

Aria model Clarisonic cleanser

For information on these products visit

December 1st ritual

With the month of Movember almost over, don’t be a Neanderthal and grab the first razor you see. If you aren’t going to use an electric razor, visit your local “Art of Shaving” store and pamper yourself before the holidays kick into full swing.

I make it a point to visit the Art of Shaving in Paramus, NJ. The staff knows the product, so on the days when I can’t make it to my barber, I’m following the proper steps to keep a clean face, and avoid those nics and cuts.