Post Covid attire?

Don’t be alarmed, but working from home is almost over.

Yes, we know you’ve been working more hours than when you were commuting, but who didn’t like working from their comfy couch wearing those fuzzy bunny slippers?

If you were fortunate to jump on an occassional Zoom call, it was probably business up top while loungewear or shorts down below. As the world was in a frenzy, your daily wardrobe probably went from suits & shoes to tracksuits and slides, and you were relieved that you didn’t have pick the perfect tie before running out the door.

Guess what? The days of getting dressed for work will come back, and some of you have already received emails telling you when to report back to the office. The immediate problem now, is that none of your work clothes fit. Depending on your profession, if you are required to wear a suit or business casual clothing, you are in luck.

In order to meet the demand of customers change in buying habits, many brands have integrated “stretch” fabrics into its casual tops and bottom selections. The beauty of this inclusion, means that whether you are slim fit or regular fit, you should be able to find something from your favorite brands.

If you are having a hard time finding clothes, start with buying basic staple pieces that give you versatility. You should be able to wear a blazer, casual button up shirt w/ chinos or dark wash denim. Pair that w/ a brown lace up shoe or loafer, and that outfit can be the foundation for your day to day activities.

If you are in a profession where you have to wear a suit, you have options. Either find a good tailor to make adjustments to your pre-COVID suits, or purchase a solid navy & grey suit. With those as your foundation, buy shirts that are proper for your work environment.

As most retailers prepare for Fall with new deliveries, this is a great time for guys to update their closets before they head back to the office.

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