Lawson’s Prize

Are eyes the window to the soul? I was first introduced to photography from my father, who took photos during his tenure with Union 1199 in NYC. I was fascinated at what the camera could capture. As we celebrate Black History Month, I want to shine a light on an artist who is creating her own history.

The HUGO BOSS PRIZE, is a contemporary art award judged and administered by the Guggenheim museum. This award has been given every other year since 1996. The 13th recipient of this award went to photographer Deana Lawson, from Rochester, NY. Lawson’s work shows the life and times of everyday people living their lives.

As the first photographer to win the award, Deana will have her work exhibited at the Guggenheim from May 7th thru Oct. 11th. With new hours and Covid – 19 safety measures in place, you can immerse yourself in Deana’s work, without the usual crowds pre-Covid.

Hoodie: HUGO BOSS | Beanie: HUGO | Eyewear: Warby Parker | Grooming: Scotch Porter | Bracelet: Pig & Hen

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