Stay Home They Say

How should a wedding Anniversary be celebrated? In the age of Covid19, where ones health is a priority, is getting on a plane to some luxurious vacation spot the first thing on my mind? My thought would be “yes”, but my wife is not so quick to mix breathing air with strangers flying over an ocean. Lucky for us, gassing up the SUV, and hitting the highway was the best option at hand.

With the choices between Philly or The District, and my ties to DC, I decided that a road trip from NY wasn’t such a bad idea. As this trip was “spur of the moment”, my wife found us great accommodations at Sofitel, located centrally to all the touristy spots and public transportation.

So how do you pack for a 3 day getaway? We, started out with our overnight bags, which eventually expanded to carry-on luggage and a duffel bag. I also had a virtual 5K to run thanks to Adidas, so I had to make sure my running gear was packed. As my wife likes to overpack for any contingency, I pack for versatility.

Travel doesn’t always mean hopping on a plane. I love using Yelp, Open Table, and Time Out Magazine to see what locals say about food or events in the area. No matter where you live, if you drive a few hours in any direction, you should find a city for you to explore. No matter where you plan to visit, have fun, be safe, wear a mask, and keep some hand sanitizer in your glove compartment.

With so many foodie options and so little time, we camped out in the Logan Circle area, having great meals at Estadio & Le Diplomate. Both meals were great, and the company, even better. With an impromptu visit to the exhibit at Artechouse, this was a break that our hectic lives needed.

Le Diplomate

With Fall upon us, and the holidays a blink away, how are you planning on getting away? How do you pack light when you don’t want to bring the entire closet? Thanks for reading, liking, and leaving a comment. Until next time.

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