I Am Amsterdam

When most people plan trips to Europe, usually London, Paris, & Rome are the first 3 places that come to mind. Everyone knows Amsterdam for its numerous “Coffee Shops”, & “Red Light District”, but it’s much more than that. You can be the typical tourist and stay at any of the hotels you can find on Trip Advisor, or go the Air B&B route, and live among the locals. I personally, love the unique experience of meeting new people, sharing a meal, and of course a few pints.

Getting around Amsterdam is easier than you think. Don’t, I repeat, don’t waste your time and money on a taxi or Uber to your destination. Public transportation, either by bus, train, or tram is the best way to learn the city, and to find a few hidden gems. With a diverse local population and tourists, Google Translate & Maps will be your best friend.

A must for any visit to Amsterdam will be a canal tour. We chose to go with Flagship Canal tours, and had 2 great guides to point out the waterway history of Amsterdam. With the help of a few locals & Yelp, I can honestly say, we didn’t have a bad meal at all. Below is a list of a few places you can visit, but definitely have an itinerary. If you decide to go, enjoy yourself, and remember, Starbucks isn’t the only coffee shop in town.


A’DAM Lookout

Moco Museum

Heineken Experience

Rembrandt Square


Café de Klos

The Butcher Social Club

Meat & Greek


The Golden Brown Bar

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