Get off your couch

Is your butt glued to your couch? In an age where technology makes it easier for you to ask Alexa for anything, are people getting lazier? From kids to adults, when most get bored, they find themselves trapped in front of a TV, or cyberspace.

Recently, I decided to explore my surroundings, and reconnect with nature. Hiking around the Hudson Valley of NY is not boring, and allows me to appreciate walking slow and taking deep breaths. I’m not a fan of winter, but the aesthetics of what it brings to the landscapes are breathtaking.

Whether you live in a major city or suburban area, get off the couch and stretch your legs. Concrete jungle, or park by your house? Pick a direction, and just start walking, but do remember how to get back home, otherwise Siri or Google Maps might have to help you find your way.

So what’s next? You still plan on sitting in that same spot on your couch?

tracksuit: HUGO BOSS

sunglasses: Persol

sneakers: AllBirds

Scenery: Hudson Valley

📸: LaToya Lewis

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