Walk through Harlem

With the size of NYC, you can explore a different section every day, and not hit the same area twice. Do you know Harlem? Just because you’ve watched a few episodes of Luke Cage on Netflix, doesn’t mean you get a day pass to Harlem. I am definitely not an aficionado on the area, but I love the music, food, & culture that gives Harlem life.

With a rare Sunday off from work, the foodie in me brought me to a block that covers my two favorite meals, breakfast & dessert. Starting at Lido & finishing at Levain Bakery, a leisurely stroll was definitely needed after a few bottomless mimosas.

Thanks to my latest FitBit challenge, my steps took me along Morningside Park and P.S. 180.  Fine art doesn’t just hang in museums, as artist Ronald Draper uses one side of the building as his canvas.  I hope his work is positive self talk for the kids attending school, and that live in the area.

Thanks to Lido & Levain Bakery.  When it comes to your favorite meal, what part of your city do you like to visit? Leave a comment below, subscribe, and follow.

Shirt: HUGO BOSS | Shorts: Goodfellow & Co | Sneakers: Converse | Tech: Apple & Fitbit | Grooming: Scotch Porter

1 comment on “Walk through Harlem

  1. Michael B

    That breakfast spread looks amazingggg! Great motivational messages by that artist for the people of Harlem also.

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