Vegas Pt. 1


Do you like to travel?  Las Vegas has to be one place on your bucket list to check off.  Just my second trip to this Southwest patch of America that attracts all types of visitors.  Everyone should celebrate at least one birthday in Las Vegas, why not a milestone.

With so many places to stay, the Aria hotel & casino became my home on “The Strip”.  With the weather fluctuating between day and night, I decided to pack clothes that would keep me cool when either by the pool, having dinner, or at a club.  If you ever plan on visiting, gambling can be found anywhere, so choose a hotel / casino that will deliver the best service experience.

Although we won a few hands and lost a few, a great trip it was, and we’ll be back. Do you like to travel?, where do you plan on going this year?

Outfit details:

Denim: AG Jeans

Shirt: Express

Timepiece: Emporio Armani 

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