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November is half way done, and everyone is thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. I’m thinking about it as well, but my mind is also on my health.  After having a physical earlier this month, my doctor, just like yours mentions BMI “body mass index” and what my game plan is.   Like most men, we have a game plan for our finances, dinner, or if you like boxers or briefs, but what about our health.

Movember is the one month where a spotlight gets shined on testicular, prostate, mental, and physical health for men. The Movember foundation is one organization spearheading this movement.  They  raise awareness and funds to help educate and and hopefully motivate men to take there health more seriously.

Shoe companies like TOMS, which are known for its charity, donate to the cause.  For every purchase from the Movember collection, TOMS donates 5% of the suggested retail price.

If you think you’re too late to the party, and how you can help, look no further than grooming products from Harry’s.  For every purchase from the Movember shave set, $5 will be donated.

For more information on how you can support visit:




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