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What’s right for you?  As a growing percentage of men invest in themselves, more companies are listening to what our needs are.  On one side of the street you have men who don’t know how to dress, much less tie a tie, and need some direction. On the other side you have men that have been dressing up since their bar mitzvah or Sunday school. In either case, men shop when they need something, or for a special occasion.

We subscribe to GQ Magazine, cable TV, and our favorite coffee at Starbucks, why not subscribe for men’s accessories and grooming products.
sprezzaboxSprezzaBox has four plan types that you can choose from, monthly for $28, 3-month for $80, 6-month for $155, and a 12-month subscription for $300.  You can also purchase individual pieces instead of a set.


Gentleman’s Box has two plans, monthly for $25 or annual for $275. With the holiday season approaching, Genleman’s Box has three gift box packages, 3-month for $75, 6-month for $150, or a 12-month gift for $275


Dapper Black Box has one monthly plan for $28. Products are an assortment of African American owned brands.


Birchbox has a monthly plan for $20 and a yearly plan for $195. Birchbox also has three gift box packages, 3-month for $60, 6-month for $110, or a 12-month gift for $195. If you are ever in NYC and want to build your own Birchbox, stop by the Soho location.

Although the listed companies have similar packages, they all have items unique to them.  The benefit is the number of samples or products that we can use everyday. Honestly, how excited would you be to receive the gift that keeps giving?

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