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What New Year’s resolution?

They say that 21 days makes a habit.  It’s halfway through the first month of 2015, and either you’ve given up on that resolution you set, or you sticking with it.  I’m going to venture that losing weight, saving / making more money & spending time with friends or family where somewhere on your list.

Personally speaking, starting the 16th day, I’ve been exercising consistently, and drinking more water throughout the day.  The biggest hurdle has always been what and how much I consume.  Lets face it, the American diet isn’t the healthiest, and if you go out for a meal, every restaurant is serving you dishes big enough for 2 to 3 people.  How lucky am I to have a girlfriend who can be on TOP CHEF, and can throw down in the kitchen.  My middle name is now “portion control” as I’m learning that not cleaning your plate, can be a good thing.

I have a different definition of style for 2015.  Some people I ask, talk about a suit they love, or new shoes they just purchased.  I’m all for that, and I love picking up a new suit with all the accessories to go with it.  My definition this year, is “health is wealth”.  When you feel good, your confidence rises, you appreciate what you have, you feel better in your own skin, and the clothes you wear.  As I head out to the gym, I’m not wavering from my 2015 goals.  How about you?


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