Screaming Suit Jacket

Day in, and day out I see tragedies happening and guys don’t even know it.  The average businessman, wakes up, puts on his  over dry cleaned shirt with extra starch, then his suit or blazer and trousers.  Either riding the “iron horse” into Manhattan or riding in bumper to bumper traffic, a high percentage of guys wear their suit jackets like this guy.

Businessman in car, close up

Why “Oh” Why do we do this. 

We all have seen that guy that walks into the office with wrinkles all across his back.  Now wool is pretty resilient, and will bounce back, but like cars, not all suit jackets are made the same.  Who likes to look like they slept in their clothes?  The answer is no one.  Do your jacket a favor, hang it up in the back seat, or just take it off when sitting down for long periods of time.

The only guy allowed to wear his jacket on his way to work is this guy….

photo credit: 9gag.com
photo credit: 9gag.com

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