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Esquire-Sharp Man


The weekend has come and gone,  Esquire & Esquire Network decided to have a pop-up event in NYC.  The atmosphere at 82 Mercer in SoHo featured menswear & lifestyle brands you know, and a few that you will soon discover.  If you’re that guy who wants a customized pair of shoes, or the latest in mens accessories such as overnight bags, to lapel pins, or pocket squares, this was the place to be.

hook & ALBERT

Once the new kids on the block of mens accessories, co-CEO’s Adam Schoenberg & Cory Rosenberg of hook + ALBERT are taking their game to new heights.  Through a collaboration with Cole Haan, you can give your penny loafers some life with a pair of colored tassels.  I love the lapel flowers, and socks, but I was blown away by their latest product, “THE GARMENT WEEKENDER”.  Available in leather and waxed canvas, packing a suit and a few basic essentials, never seemed easier.


Two of the sponsors for this event HARRY’Sand BIRCHBOX were on hand to educate guys on skin care, and offer free haircuts to new and existing customers.  Before reading this, you most likely went to your local CVS or department store to buy razors, shaving cream, or skin care products.  By subscribing to BIRCHBOX, you will receive hand picked samples, that when used correctly will upgrade your look.  Harry’s, takes your average shaving experience to new heights with a product line consisting of blades, custom handles, and shaving cream.  Go against the grain for once, and don’t nick yourself!

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