After  a long overdue trip to Punta Cana, I’m ready to go back.  But before you plan your trip to sandy beaches and bottomless drinks, make sure you pack accordingly.  My better half wanted to just bring a “carry on” piece of luggage, but I knew better.  For any all-inclusive resorts, you need “TRAVEL FASHION 101”.  Besides the basics, such as your toiletries, plan on bringing at least one pair of sandals, swimming trunks, sunglasses, light weight trousers, a few shirts for your evening festivities, and a pair of driving moccasins.


My best advise for visiting any island this summer, is for the guys to pack your sunscreen and your hat.  99.9% of the guys I saw were wearing hats on the beach.  With the sun, staring you down until 6pm, you will need to keep your head protected, so keep it stylish.

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