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What do I wear?

Speaking to a few readers, a common question asked, is what do I wear?  I’m not a suit and tie guy, what do I wear to the office?  I’m on the road everyday, what do I wear throughout the week?  First thing you have to do, is say to yourself “who am I working for?”, “what type of people will I interact with today?”

If you  can wear denim or chinos to the office, dress it up.  It’s easier for you to dress down your look once you are dressed up, and to do that,simply add a blazer.  At your discretion, you can add a tie or pocket square. Remember, the accessories will jazz up your look.


If you have to wear a suit, make sure the tailoring is done to your specifications.  Don’t mis-represent yourself by having your trousers too long, or shirt extra baggy.  For the average guy who probably doesn’t have suits for different seasons, stick to the basics.  You should own “The BIG 3”, a black, navy, and grey suit.  With those three as your main suits, you can add your own style with different shirt and tie combinations.


Don’t make getting ready in the morning a chore, be confident, dress to impress, and keep it simple.  How do you or your significant other get ready for work?

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