Save your face

So the week of the polar vortex has come and gone, and your skin took a beating.  The products I’ve used to protect my skin from the harsh elements has been the Facial Fuel line by Kiehl’s.  Now the trick to keeping your skin in the shape that you want it, is that you need to be consistent with using the product.

Kiehl's Men's Starter Kit
Kiehl’s Men’s Starter Kit

Most men know when their skin feels oily, or grimy.  In the past guys might have just washed their face with soap and water, and felt like their skin is now clean.  Welcome to 2014, and the product line from Clarisonic.  Most guys may think they are to macho to buy this, but trust me, it’s a great investment.  Clarisonic has different models and colors, but if you want a basic black color, the ARIA model is the one for you.

Aria model Clarisonic cleanser
Aria model Clarisonic cleanser

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