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When the leading Menswear trade show MRKET comes to NYC, I always make it a point to check out the up & coming brands which make it into the Vanguard gallery.  One brand that jumped out at me was LAZYJACK PRESS.  This 1yr old company was started by Patrick Ryan and Miriam Zelinsky, two friends that studied law out of Seton Hall.

Starting with neck ties, bow ties, sport shirts,  and pocket squares LJP uses whimsical patterns so that their customers can express their individuality.  Some of their motifs include eagles, money bags, motor boats, and footballs.  While the pocket squares, bow ties, and printed ties are Hermes silk and made in Italy, the company does keep local roots, as their “skinny” ties are made in Brooklyn.

In a crowded menswear environment where retail space is precious real estate, keep your eyes out for LAZYJACK PRESS.


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