Today, lets speak on tailoring.

Your salesperson or stylist can be your best friend, but your tailor will be your ally.  When you are shopping for a suit, whatever the brand, make sure you have a “good to great” tailor doing the alteration.  Your tailor will make the suit you love, fit you the right way.  I have always said, “less is more” when it comes to getting my suits altered correctly.  If my tailor has to reconstruct my suit, by doing too many operations, then I better buy another suit.

To the first time suit buyers, especially college grads going into the work force, do your research.  Finding a good tailor should not be trial and error but recommendations are a plus.  Most department stores or mens boutiques will have tailors working for them.  Whether it is HUGO BOSS, Joseph Abboud, Hickey Freeman, Tommy Hilfiger, or Brooks Brothers, make sure you see what fits you the best.  Since you are a novice at how your clothes should fit, you will probably look to your father or brother for their approval on your appearance. Once you have the suit you want to buy, your tailor will observe how the garment fits, and at best, shorten the sleeves, and hem the pants.

To the guy who has gained/lost weight, finding the right tailor means that you can extend the life of your clothes, but it will cost you.

To the guy who has been wearing suits for ever and wants to have something made for them, you want an experienced tailor to take your measurements and cut your silhouette for you.  Remember every body type is different, so you want a tailor who can adjust your sleeve length as well as rotate the sleeve to accommodate your posture.  Most guys, have a roll in the collar which can be fixed either by blocking  “process where steam is applied to shape fabric” or opening the collar to reduce the excess amount of fabric.  Make sure your tailor knows that the current trends in menswear are so that they are not making you something that is out of style.

If I leave you with one thing before you embark on finding your tailor, communication is the one word that will make your relationship last.

Happy Hunting!!

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